After having traded in the ship-chartering business as "Bauer & Hauschildt KG", Hamburg, for nearly three decades, in 1978 the CONDOCK-Type vessel was designed in close co-operation with a German Shipyard. Until 1984, a successive series of almost identical sistervessels were delivered and operated together with further company-owned conventional tonnage in the world-wide freight market. [more]

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Peer Kelch

Chartering Manager
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Company Activities

CONDOCK Befrachtungs-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG has been part of the Harren & Partner Group since January 2008, thus expanding global corporate activities to include the fascinating CONDOCK vessels segment. The name CONDOCK is a combination of container and dock ship and thus describes the key characteristics. For example, the dock ship "PAPENBURG" is primarily equipped for the world-wide shipment and transportation of floating units as well as oversized and heavy ro-ro cargoes with a maximum unit weight of 2.000 t.

Vast experience in special-purpose vessels
Although CONDOCK Befrachtungs-Gesellschaft was first established in 1989 in Hamburg, its roots extend back much further into the past. In 1978, after over 30 years in the shipping and chartering industry, Bauer & Hauschildt KG developed the CONDOCK vessels in close cooperation with a German shipyard. In the years that followed, similar sister ships were continuously delivered up until 1984 and operated with standard tonnage on freight markets around the world. CONDOCK Befrachtungs-Gesellschaft was ultimately established in response to the ever-increasing demands in the maritime transport sector for maintenance, development and marketing to be tailored more and more to the needs of special-purpose vessels.

Tapping synergies
As a charterer of CONDOCK vessels, the Hamburg company has been specialising in charter activities for floating and modular ro-ro loading for decades. Due to the similarity with Combi Lift's Combi Dock vessels, CONDOCK Befrachtungs-Gesellschaft and Combi Lift formed a strategic alliance to strengthen both partners position as market leaders in this niche. Following the same strategic approach of streamlining processes and activities, CONDOCK joined Combi Lift in its move to bundle their competencies at the headquarters of Harren & Partner Group in Bremen by the end of 2014.